Ferrous Scrap metal recycling

Ferrous Scrap metal Recycling

At Sunrise Metal Recycling, we offer ferrous scrap metal recycling as part of our metal recycling services. Our recycling facility is fully equipped and capable of recycling ferrous and non ferrous scrap simultaneously. Steel and iron are the most common forms of metal scrap that we purchase. We procure disused ferrous scrap metal from various sources such as the automobile industry, household and steel structures, shipyards and even railway tracks and bring them back to our recycling facility for processing. Once the processing is done we are left with commodity grade material that are utilized by several industries as raw material. The commodity grade material we produce is of high quality and cost efficient too. As a ferrous scrap metal provider, you receive the highest value for your scrap and excellent recycling services. We have an extensive transportation and logistic unit that provides scrap pick-up assistance and moreover, our weighing scales comply international standards therefore ensuring that you get the best price for your material. If you have a regular amount of ferrous scrap that is produced at your factory or construction site, we also offer bin solutions that help manage the same. To learn more: Call: 02 9833 8981

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