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We Welcome You to Sunrise Metal Recycling. We are your premier destination for top-quality metal recycling services in Ingleburn and beyond. We specialize in a wide range of scrap metal recycling services, including Scrap Metal Processing, Copper and Aluminum Recycling and others. When turning scrap metal into valuable cash, we are your trusted partner for Free Scrap Metal Removal services.

We have many exceptional services that you can select as per your need and convenience, these are as following:

  • Cash for scrap metals and cars
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Public weighbridge
  • Weigh & pay
  • Scrap bin services
  • Site cleanup

We stay updated with market trends to offer you the most favorable rates. Whether stainless steel scrap or any other metal, our services are reliable, hassle-free, and customer-centric. Our team of dedicated professionals is just a phone call away, ready to provide expert guidance and quick cash for your metal recyclables.

3 easy steps to turn your recyclable metal into money in the bank

There are following three easy steps to turn your recyclable metal into money in the bank


Request A Quote

We welcome you to ask for a quotation via phone or by sending us a request for a quotation via email.


Schedule a pickup/drop-off

Our company representative will contact you back and schedule a scrap pickup or drop-off meeting at your convenience.


Get cash instantly

We will weigh your scrap metal or scrap car & pay you top cash in your hand on the spot.

Our Scrap Metal Services offers Top Cash for Scrap metals including Copper and Alluminium

Scrap Metal Services in Ingleburn, NSW, is your go-to destination for top cash in exchange for scrap metal. Whether you’re a business or an individual looking to dispose of metal waste responsibly or simply looking to make some extra money. Our Metal recycling Service is here to assist you.

With a focus on commercial and domestic scrap metal recycling services, we prioritize environmental sustainability while providing you with a lucrative opportunity.

Sunrise Metal Recycling is equipped with modern facilities and a team of experts who can efficiently sort, process, and recycle various types of metal, especially copper and steel. The deal will benefit your wallet and contribute to reducing the toxic impact of metal production on the environment.

If you have any type or kind of scrap metal lying around, don’t let it go to waste. Contact us today to get the top cash you deserve for your recyclable material.

Get a Quick Quote & Convert your Scrap Metals Into Hard Cash

Give us a call or share the details of your scrap and we promise that we will give you the best offer that no other company can match.

Convert Your Recyclable Metal into Cash:

Converting recyclable metal into cash can be a sustainable way to both earn some extra money and contribute to environmental conservation. We have a mechanized and safe process to deal with the scrap metal recycling process.

Our cash for scrap metal is one of our top services that give many benefits to the clients. It will not only remove the unwanted junk from your location but also pay handsome cash in return. Once you hire us for any service whether it is scrap metal recycling service, commercial bin or any other services, you will get instant response from our team.

Our team member will start the scrap metal recycling process by collecting recyclable metals and pick all the junk items including:

  • aluminum cans
  • copper wiring
  • brass fixtures
  • old and damaged cars
  • steel appliances, and more

Depending on the recycling center’s requirements, you may need to clean and prepare the metals. For example, remove any non-metal parts (e.g., plastic, rubber), clean off dirt and contaminants, and separate different metal types. We will pick all the scrap metal and weigh your metals on a scale. We will deduct the weight of any non-metallic material to determine the net weight of your recyclable metal.

We sort all the collected scrap into categories (ferrous and non-ferrous) and we pay different rates for each type. After weighing and assessing your metals, we will offer you a payment based on the current market rates for each type of metal. Payments are usually made in cash, check, or through electronic transfer, depending on the facility’s policies.

At Sunrise Metal Recycling, we understand the importance of competitive Scrap Metal recycling and its Prices in Ingleburn. What sets us apart is our commitment to environmentally responsible practices. We believe in reducing waste and conserving resources. So, if you’re in Ingleburn or the surrounding areas and need a trustworthy metal recycling partner, call us. We’ll handle your scrap metal needs with professionalism and integrity, ensuring you benefit from the most reputable recycling service in town. Experience the difference with Sunrise Metal Recycling today!

Call us before your visit to inquire about our hours of operation, the types of metals we accept, and their current pricing. It’s also a good idea to ask if there are any specific requirements and promotions available, such as cleaning or preparing the metals.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding our services.

What varieties of scrap metals does your company purchase?

We buy commercial and domestic metal recycling services and a wide range of scrap metals, including copper, aluminum, steel, brass, stainless steel, and many other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

What types of site clean-up services does Sunrise Metal Recycling provide?

Sunrise Metal Recycling offers comprehensive site clean-up services, including debris removal, waste disposal, and environmentally responsible cleanup solutions for various industries.

How can I request a site clean-up service from Sunrise Metal Recycling?

To request a site clean-up service from Sunrise Metal Recycling, contact our team by phone or email, and we’ll assist you promptly.

Could you explain the cash-for-cars process?

Starting by bring your car to our facility or request a pickup service. We’ll assess its value and offer you a fair cash price on the spot. If you accept, we’ll handle the paperwork, and you’ll leave with cash in hand.

Are you looking for a scrap car or metal buyer near Ingleburn, NSW?

Sunrise Metal Recycling offers multiple scrap metal-related services, and we buy all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap cars, including used unwanted, accidental, damaged, junk, and even non-running vehicles.

Is Sunrise Metal Recycling a licensed and certified company?

Yes, we are one of the best licensed and certified companies committed to adhering to industry standards and responsible recycling practices.

How is the price for scrap metals determined?

Scrap metal prices are determined by market, metal type, weight, and purity, ensuring fair compensation for your materials.


What Our Customers Are Talking About Our Services

Highly recommended

I recently had the pleasure of using Sunrise Metal Recycling, and I must say, their service exceeded my expectations. I had a collection of various scrap metals that had been piling up, and I decided it was time to dispose of them responsibly. Their team was not only friendly but also highly professional. I received a fair price and appreciated their commitment to eco-friendly practices. Sunrise Metal Recycling is my top choice for recycling services.

Liam McKenzie

Happy Customer

Appreciated & recommended

Sunrise Metal Recycling is outstanding. Selling my old car was effortless; they offered a fair price and provided instant cash. The process was quick and trouble-free. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through. I wholeheartedly recommend Sunrise Metal Recycling for its exceptional service and efficiency.

Ruby Foster

garage owner

Excellent Services provided

As a construction site supervisor, I rely on reliable scrap buyers to efficiently manage the waste materials generated on our projects. Sunrise Metal Recycling has consistently delivered exceptional service. Their team is responsive and punctual, ensuring that scrap materials are collected promptly. We appreciate their dedication to minimizing environmental impact while providing us with a convenient and profitable solution for our scrap materials.

Ethan Sullivan

construction site supervisor

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