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Trusted Cash for Scrap Service Providers in Hurstville-Sunrise Metal Recycling

Are you looking for premium scrap dealers in Hurstville? Sunrise Metal Recycling is your best place to earn a hefty amount of cash by selling all that factory, residential, construction, or commercial scrap in one place. We accept a large range of metals, and we provide high dollar amounts in return. Our services are comprehensive, and our track of happy clients are always welcoming for new customers. Just in case a space is filled up with plenty of valuable scrap, let us know, as we can collect it and pay you cash for it!

At Sunrise Metal Recycling, we make it very simple for our clients to sell scrap in a few steps. Our expert technicians and scrap dealers are always ready to analyze and determine the right value of your stuff. Whether it is something made of steel, iron, Brass or Nickel, Zinc or Carbon, we can accept everything. We perform highly efficient and eco-friendly recycling practices to cover this scrap in a reasonable manner!

3 easy steps to turn your recyclable metal into money in the bank

There are following three easy steps to turn your recyclable metal into money in the bank


Request A Quote

We welcome you to ask for a quotation via phone or by sending us a request for a quotation via email.


Schedule a pickup/drop-off

Our company representative will contact you back and schedule a scrap pickup or drop-off meeting at your convenience.


Get cash instantly

We will weigh your scrap metal or scrap car & pay you top cash in your hand on the spot.

#1 Scrap Dealers in Hurstville-Sunrise Metal Recycling

At Sunrise Metal Recycling, we’re not just a scrap dealer; we’re your trusted partners in sustainability and value creation. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation of being the #1 choice for scrap recycling in Hurstville. What sets us apart? It’s our dedication to you, our community, and our planet. We offer top-dollar payouts for your scrap materials, ensuring you get the best return for your efforts. Our streamlined, customer-friendly process makes selling scrap a breeze. Just bring in your items, and we’ll handle the rest, providing fast, on-the-spot payments.

But it’s not just about profits; it’s about making a positive impact. We take pride in our eco-friendly practices, contributing to a greener future for Hurstville and beyond. Our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring your experience with us is not only profitable but also enjoyable. Choose Sunrise Metal Recycling for your scrap recycling needs, and discover why we’re the #1 scrap dealers in Hurstville. Join our mission to turn scrap into cash while preserving our environment. Together, we’re making a difference, one scrap at a time.

Get a Quick Quote & Convert your Scrap Metals Into Hard Cash

Give us a call or share the details of your scrap and we promise that we will give you the best offer that no other company can match.

Steel, Aluminum, Metal, Nickel, Iron, or Silver, We Accept Every Metal in Hurstville

Stop wandering and find Sunrise Metal Recycling, your premium metal/scrap dealer in Hurstville. That’s because our wide range of acceptance goes for accepting multiple metals and scraps. From heavy machinery to small car parts, whatever you keep in Aluminum, iron or brass, we are ready to accept it. We also offer free scrap removal services from your designated locations in Hurstville and ensure that you get the maximum out of it. The top known metals we can accept in Hurstville cover the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Lead
  • Stainless steel
  • Iron
  • Cast iron
  • Computer
  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum wire
  • Wire
  • Copper conductor
  • Copper tubing
  • Steel and tin cans
  • Computer hardware

We do know that scrap could come from any or every place. It could be that old accidental car standing in your garage. Those wires cannot be used anymore. Batteries which have left their charging capacity, or any heavy machinery which is not working anymore. We’d love to gather those pieces, examine them and finalize a true price for their fair offering. Come to us, and we’ll never disappoint you. Sunrise Metal Recycling is a well-known metal recycling company in Hurstville where you get cash, and we get our purpose to work even better!

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding our services.

What types of scrap materials does Sunrise Metal Recycling accept for cash in Hurstville?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, conseSunrise Metal Recycling accepts a wide range of scrap materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as copper, Aluminum, brass, steel, and more. We also accept electronic scraps like old appliances and wiring.ctetur

Do I need to separate different types of scrap materials before selling them?

While it’s helpful to separate metals to streamline the recycling process, we can assist you in sorting your scrap materials at our facility. This ensures you get the most accurate value for each type of metal.

Are there any restrictions on the quantity of scrap materials I can sell to Sunrise Metal Recycling?

There are no specific restrictions on quantity, and we welcome both small and large quantities of scrap. Whether you have a few kilograms or several tons, we can accommodate your needs.

How do I determine the value of my scrap materials?

The value of your scrap materials is determined by factors like the type of metal, its weight, and current market prices. You can get an estimate by contacting us or visiting our facility in Hurstville.

What payment methods does Sunrise Metal Recycling offer for scrap materials in Hurstville?

We offer cash payments for scrap materials, making it convenient for you to receive immediate compensation for your items.

Where can I find cash for scrap services near me in Hurstville?

Sunrise Metal Recycling is conveniently located in Hurstville. Our address makes it easy for residents in Hurstville and surrounding areas to access our cash-for-scrap services. You can also reach out to us for directions or additional information.


What Our Customers Are Talking About Our Services

Highly recommended

I recently had the pleasure of using Sunrise Metal Recycling, and I must say, their service exceeded my expectations. I had a collection of various scrap metals that had been piling up, and I decided it was time to dispose of them responsibly. Their team was not only friendly but also highly professional. I received a fair price and appreciated their commitment to eco-friendly practices. Sunrise Metal Recycling is my top choice for recycling services.

Liam McKenzie

Happy Customer

Appreciated & recommended

Sunrise Metal Recycling is outstanding. Selling my old car was effortless; they offered a fair price and provided instant cash. The process was quick and trouble-free. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through. I wholeheartedly recommend Sunrise Metal Recycling for its exceptional service and efficiency.

Ruby Foster

garage owner

Excellent Services provided

As a construction site supervisor, I rely on reliable scrap buyers to efficiently manage the waste materials generated on our projects. Sunrise Metal Recycling has consistently delivered exceptional service. Their team is responsive and punctual, ensuring that scrap materials are collected promptly. We appreciate their dedication to minimizing environmental impact while providing us with a convenient and profitable solution for our scrap materials.

Ethan Sullivan

construction site supervisor

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